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Pro Athlete Not Signed Because of His Big Head?

Posted by Lamood Big Hats on 7th Mar 2020

Pro Athlete Not Signed Because of His Big Head?

It has recently come to light that in 2013, Manchester United - The Red Devils were scouting Isco and were interested in making an offer. The Red Devils scout went to Spain to watch him and decide if they should acquire the rising star. They decided not proceed with him and the reasoning behind it is odd.

"He's good, but not quite quick enough and his head is too big for his body," was the scouting report from the scout, according to ESPN.

Man United's bias against people with large heads backfired, after Man United lost to Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup, it was Isco who was the man of the match scoring the second goal for the win for Real Madrid. Isco is developing into one of the go to players of their Champions League winning team.