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How to Wash Your Baseball Big Caps | Lamood Big Hats

Hats for Big Heads - Guide to Washing Baseball Caps

Whether you wear your baseball cap for work or play, to keep the sun out of your eyes, or simply to hide a bad hair day, chances are your hat will get dirty and you will need to wash it. Baseball hats for big heads can get sweaty and dirty making them look worn, old, and gross. Over time your big head hats accumulate all kinds of disgusting things like sweat, body oils, odors, etc. and they need to be cleaned.

The biggest concern when big heads go to clean their big cap is shrinkage. No one wants their big head hats to shrink because it took so long to find a hat to fit your big head. This is why we always recommend hand washing your big baseball caps, so you have more control over the cleaning process and minimize any damage to your hat. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to clean and dry your big head hats properly without ruining their form and minimizing color loss and shrinkage. Washing your hats by hand is also the best way to retain the color and shape of your cap. After you have cleaned your hats, they will be refreshed, brightened, and will have added more life to wearing your everyday go-to hat.

Quick Synopsis

Hand Wash Your Hats

  1. Fill container with lukewarm to cold water
  2. Pre-Treat and spot-clean with a toothbrush
  3. Let the hat soak in soapy water
  4. Rinse the soap off the hat with warm water
  5. Air dry your hat

What NOT to Do When Cleaning Your Big Head Hats

  • Don’t put your big head hats in the clothes washer or dryer - These household appliances are too hot and the tumbling action is not good for maintaining the shape of your big hats.
  • Don’t use any cleaners with bleach in them - This will ruin and discolor your big head hat.
  • Don't clean in a dishwasher - Dishwashers use steaming hot water and hot drying cycles that will shrink the fabric of your big head hats. Your caps can come out misshapen and discolored as well if you use a dishwasher. Also many dishwasher detergents have bleach in them which you should never use bleach on your hats.

Big Hats Cleaning Supplies

  • Shampoo or mild detergent
  • Stain pre-treating stick
  • Soft toothbrush or cotton swabs
  • A pitcher, bucket, or sink
  • A bowl, towel, hat stand, balloon, or other round object for hat to dry on

Steps to Washing Your Hat for Your Big Head

1. Fill a sink, bucket, or other container (make sure whichever you use is clean), with lukewarm to cold water.

Avoid hot water as it can damage your big hat. Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent (remember don't use a detergent that contains bleach or bleach alternative, as they can stain the fabric) as the container is filling with water and make sure it is thoroughly mixed into the water before washing.

How to Wash Baseball Hats Step 1

2. Pre-Treating.

If there are trouble areas like stains or mud, spot-clean them with a dab of cleaning product right on the hat or use a stain pre-treating stick cleaner. After first dipping the hat in the water of your bucket or sink (do not overly soak the bill), use a toothbrush, cotton swab, or other small scrubber to gently rub the cleaner into the fabric until it creates foam, then repeat the soaking process. Be careful around threaded stitching. If you’re too vigorous while rubbing, the stitching can become loose and misplaced. Shampoo can be great to use on tough sweat stains found in the inner brim and it will loosen body oils. Then use a clean white cloth and some cleaner solution to spot clean the rest of the exterior of the hat.

How to Wash Hats Step 2

Bonus tip: You can also kill and deodorize odor-causing bacteria by spraying the inner panels of your big cap and sweatband with a solution made up of half rubbing alcohol and half water.

3. Let the big hat soak.

After you’ve spot-washed, let your big head hat soak for an hour or two in the soapy water-filled bucket or sink and this will gently clean your hat. Pull out the big cap checking it every so often to see how the dirt and grime stains are looking. Any spots you see use your small brush and gently scrub the area again and be careful around and stitches and stitched logos. Tip: you can also use your fingers to work the soap into the fabric.

How to Wash a Cap Step 3

4. Rinse the soap off with warm water.

Drain the water from your bucket or sink. Give your hat for big head a good rinse under warm (not hot) running water. Rinse away all of the suds and this should also help remove any remaining grime and dirt.

How to Wash Baseball Caps Step 4

5. Air dry your big head hat.

First gently dab (not scrub) dry with a towel as much as you can while retaining the shape of the hat, and being gentle with logos. Once the excess water is gone leave it out to dry on a counter. Use something the size of the big hat to set your hat on to dry to properly maintain its shape like a big melon, hat stand, ball, large bowl, coffee jar, canister, balled up towel, balloon, or for a perfect fit wear it on your large head until it dries. This will keep the crown from crinkling on itself. Also you will want to keep them out of direct sunlight while your big hats dry.

How to Wash a Hat Step 5

Note: Again do not put your hat in a clothes dryer. This will shrink your hat to a one size fits all hat or smaller and your big head will be very upset with you.

Using the above steps to clean your baseball caps will add life to a dirty cap and keep your big head looking good! Enjoy your clean hat!