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College Player Benched for Having a Big Head

Posted by Lamood Big Hats on 8th Mar 2020

College Player Benched for Having a Big Head

Alex Chu has a big problem he just can’t seem to wrap his head around.

“There are reasons to be on the sideline, I just happen to have a big head,” Chu said.

In high school so he could play lacrosse he had a helmet specially made that was combining two helmets into one extra large helmet. He was hoping to bring it to college but it was not for regulation play at the collegiate level.

The large helmets on the shelves only fit up to a size 24 inch circumference head, which works for most players. But Chu's head measures a little over 25 inches. It’s just an inch that is stopping him from playing goalie at Wheaton College.

“Lacrosse is kinda everything to me. I just want to play,” Chu said.