The 2017 NBA Draft has been talked about as one of the best in years, giving franchises top-tier, sport-changing talent. Besides all the talent, we wanted to know who has the biggest head. We're not talking ego but literally who in the draft has the largest noggin. We have ranked the top 5 players in the draft with the biggest heads. Congratulations Josh Jackson for winning Lamood Big Hats top draft choice!

Top Big Head NBA Draft Picks

1. Josh Jackson - Head Size: 8 1/4 (Suns Pick 4) @j_josh11

2. De'Aaron Fox - Head Size: 8 1/8 (Kings Pick 5) @swipathefox

3. Jarrett Allen - Head Size: 7 7/8 (Nets Pick 22) @JarrettAllen55 

3. OG Anunoby - Head Size 7 7/8 (Raptors Pick 23) @OAnunoby

5. TJ Leaf - Head Size 7 5/8 (Pacers Pick 18) @leafsquad22