Chris Pratt's character on Parks and Recreation is pure comedy gold. Mr. Pratt spoke with Maxim magazine's "The Real Guy's Guide" on his style and wardrobe. He is a very funny actor/director who can be followed on Facebook.

Chris Pratt Wearing Elephant Big Head HatsIn Maxim's Style Guide by Maxim Staff
Parks and Recreation, NBC

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Mr. Anna Faris has parlayed his role as utterly clueless Andy Dwyer into a big-time movie career. On deck, showing up Brad Pitt in Moneyball.

You’re married to Anna Faris. Does she dress you?
No, she doesn’t dress me, but I think she appreciates my inability to dress myself. She likes me the way I am.

Anything in your wardrobe you can’t live without?
I have a large head, and I found this Web site,, that specializes in hats for people with a big melon.

You’re like an activist for the big-headed.
That’s right, for the cranially challenged.Chris Pratt Wearing Monkey Big Head Hats

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